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Changing the project flow

sewing project

As I was evaluating my processes this new year, I decided to change the way I schedule my projects. In the past I would plan, start, and then complete one project before I went on to the next one. This is a very orderly way of doing things, and has worked for me for a long time. Sometimes I would have more than one project going at a time, but that was about it

I realized that this way of doing my projects has a drawback. Sometimes I need to spend time thinking about the next step before I actually do it. That means there is time when output is not happening. So, I decided to change the pattern.

In January I started a sewing project that takes some thinking between steps. While I had the project in the back of my mind, I started some weaving projects. I first quickly designed and measured a linen warp for my floor loom. It will be for dark blue kitchen towels with a light blue stripe. That warp is on my loom, and I have started weaving it. It is in "plain" weave.

warp on rigid heddle loom

I also measured a warp for my rigid heddle loom. I didn't have a specific use for the warp, but needed practice using two heddles at the same time. For this warp I used a cotton boucle yarn. I had a fair amount of this brown "baumwollschlingenzwirn" that I purchased from Zuercher Stalder AG in Switzerland (not an affiliate). I am using up some of my leftovers of this yarn, weaving in plain weave as well. I have discovered that this loom is very portable, but it really isn't for banging out yardage. So, I have decided that my next project on this loom will be a weave structure that takes more time.

warp on inkle loom

I am now weaving my second green warp on my inkle loom. This warp is meant to make "pyramid people" for the craft show in the fall. I am weaving plain weave here as well. Wood made me a floor table, which allows me to sit on the floor (a favorite position) while I use the inkle loom. These warps are easily done in front of the TV, and weave up quickly.

I have also switched projects on my pin looms; now I am weaving a project for the craft show in the fall. This is yet another plain weave, but "needs some assembly" before I could sell it.

The basket I was crocheting with the lucetted yarn is finished. It is in its new home, corralling yarn for me. I decided to end the basket at three skeins of lucetted yarn, which allows me to see what is in the cubby a little easier. The leftover skein of lucetted yarn will be crocheted into a much smaller basket.

I am sewing the current project step by step. I am using a fabric that can only be sewn once, no ripping out a seam and re-doing it. That means I need to be very sure that I am sewing it correctly. I just don't have any extra fabric to re-cut piece that might be ruined.

The bottom line in this whole process is that I am reducing the "down times". That should increase my net output.

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