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Woven and Finished Towels

The telling of this story about weaving towels has been rather protracted. Sorry about that.

We left the story when I had finished preparing the loom for weaving. All of the warp (longwise) threads had been spread across the loom. The weft (crosswise) threads were wound onto pirns, ready to weave.

Late last Spring, I developed a health problem that has extended into this year. I'm hopeful that we now have a handle on the problem and that my health worries will decrease.

While weaving I changed from weaving with a dark green yarn to a light green one on the spur of the moment. I also changed the direction of the twill in an impromptu fashion. That made the weaving much more spontaneous than following a strict weaving plan.

When I finally had woven all of the warp it was time to finish it. If you look at that sentence you might not understand what I was meaning. Weavers talk about "finishing" fabric when we process it for the last time. In this case, finishing this fabric means that I tossed it into the washer and dryer.

When I pulled the fabric out of the dryer I laid it out on the floor and started to clip stray threads. Then I decided where the breaks between towels would be.

After cutting the fabric I sewed the hems. Ta Da! Finished kitchen towels.

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