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Using a lucet or two

handle from twice luceted yarn

A while ago Wood asked showed me plans for a lucet tool and asked if I wanted one. I said sure, why not? Since then I have used the lucet for several projects.

lucet in plain stitch, 2 yarns together, then hitch stich the output

Last year I looked around at the various instruction sets available for purchase, and found them lacking. Not only were the "photos" lacking, but the instructions were at times rather difficult to follow, and there is no standardized way to telegraph the instructions in a condensed format. Then, there are extremely few project instructions available on the internet. (Some people like making projects exactly like the instructions, and some like instructions as a jumping off point.)

A project that I'm working on requires a handle. I decided that I would not purchase a handle, but would create one using a lucet. I may be crazy, but I'm using the handle as a loss-leader to start publicizing my ability to lucet in addition to the writing system I have come up with. This is my abbreviation for making the handle. All that is lacking is the specification of how long it should be. (That is project specific.)

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