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How much yarn do I need?

I found only one reference to how much yarn one needs for a lucet braid in the printed resources I have. I found another resource that gave a different amount of yarn needed per braid. Who could I believe? I wanted to give readers of my planned book an accurate number.

I decided on the scientific approach and started sampling. I have done samples for only one type of braid so far, the plain braid. (The one that almost every lucet braider learns first.) This is how I created the samples:

1. I used a black magic marker to mark where I would start a braid.

2. I put a second mark at one meter away from the start.

3. I put a third mark at two meters away from the start.

4. I finagled the start of the braid so that the starting mark was at the start of the braid.

5. I braided two meters of plain stitch braid.

6. I ended the braid at the two-meter mark.

7. I measured the distance between the starting mark and the two-meter mark.

8. I repeated this with many different yarns.

9. I wrote down all the measurements of the different yarns.

You may ask why I chose to measure with the metric system. The answer: it’s easier to figure out the math using decimals than using yards, feet, and inches.

I still want to do samples for the other types of stitches but have some health problems that are slowing me down. Nevertheless, I have a way to give accurate information.

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