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Lucet Braiding

Over the centuries braiding with a lucet has been learned one-on-one. It took a teacher and a student, or perhaps a few students, working together to pass on information. Now that the Internet has come along, there are more resources for learning available.


Knitting, crochet, and kumihimo braiding have all had a way to document how a project was made. This allows people on different sides of the world to duplicate projects with those techniques. A lucet braider (or luceteer) has not had that option.


I have developed a way of communicating and documenting lucet braiding projects. I will be releasing stitch documentation as I am able, starting with how to begin the braid, how to plait a plain braid, and how to end the braid.


Here are files that convert English measurement reeds to Metric, as well as how to adjust the sley to obtain different setts.

Symbols with instructions.

All instructions given for both right- and left-handed people.

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