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It’s really not housekeeping if I’m doing it in a store, so I’ll call it storekeeping.

The other day I decided to heed the advice of our family computing mantra – “Save early and often”. Not that I think people 100 years from now will want to read my past blog entries, but things could happen in my lifetime where I would need to have a backup of my blog entries. With that in mind I went back and saved off a copy of my previous blog entries. Now to just keep up the practice.

I recently was invited to join a new site. It seems to be a hybrid between Pinterest and Etsy, but focused on upcycling / recycling. The site is You can find me at Since it’s so new it still has a few quirks to work out, but it seems interesting.

We just got back from vacation, getting out of the heat. Once in a while Wood just needs to get a break from his day job. He had a chance to buy some new tools – some of which he didn’t know existed. Well, now he does, and he plans on using them.

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