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Setting things up

When I started my business I knew that I could not take just any photos ​of our products. That would just never do! So I browsed Etsy looking at how other people did their photography. Then I got busy.

My first version of a photography backdrop wasn't bad, it just wasn't great either. I took two foam core boards, and used them as base and backdrop. That was going in the right direction, but too often the photos came out with a line in them.

My next attempt was much better. I had gone to the local fabric/decor shop and purchased some vinyl, and clamped it to the upper foam board. That seemed to do the trick. No hard lines here. You will also notice that I learned to close the door to avoid shadows from the side.

But then I needed to photograph a tote with a long handle. What was I to do? I got invisible thread (later replaced by fishing line), a yardstick, and a clamp. The clamp attached the yardstick to the bookshelf. The invisible thread suspended the shoulder strap. (As of press time this tote can be purchased in our store by going to the section titled "Etsy Shop".)

And then I wanted to take photos of something even taller. Instead of starting with the foam board sitting on the "table", I supported it on two objects of even dimensions. After attaching the yardsticks with clamps, I again clamped the vinyl to the upper foam board.

Want to see the results of the photos? Visit our shop, hosted by Etsy, on this very website!

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