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How many warp ends for my inkle?

I have come at weaving inkles (strips of cloth) from weaving on a floor loom. When preparing a project for the floor loom I would pull out my spreadsheet and calculate how many warp ends I needed. Presto!

It hasn’t been as simple for my inkle loom for some reason. I’ve seen people recommend wrapping the warp yarn around a ruler, then doubling it. That would give me a mostly (but not completely) warp-faced project. I wanted a completely warp faced fabric.

I decided that inkle projects, being so narrow, have a lot less variation in them than fabric from my floor loom. Looking at previous projects has helped me decide how many warp ends I need in a new project. I counted the number and type of warp threads and went from there. However, pulling out a similar project every time and counting the warps is time consuming.

I decided that I needed a spreadsheet to track inkle measurements. It would be an organized way of writing down measurements – including the before and after measurements. Now I’m able to sort, using the spreadsheet functions, to quickly see what measurements worked before. Planning just got much easier.

For those who would like to use my spreadsheet, I put it in my "Reference" section.

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