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The process of a custom order through Etsy

custom order button

I have had a store on Etsy for a while now. Recently I received a custom request from a person on the other side of the country from me. When viewing an item, she had clicked on the “Request a Custom Order” button.

apron and pot holders in Etsy store

In the convo accompanying the request she asked if I had any more of the red rose fabric which I had used in an apron and pot holders. If I didn’t she wanted to know about any other dark -colored flower fabric that I might have. She wanted me to make new pot holders for her.

At this point I must specify that these pot holders contain upcycled bath towels for heat protection. This makes them quite thick.

I replied that I only had two scraps of the red rose fabric, and I suggested a black fabric (photo attached to the convo) to accompany them. I also attached another photo showing the dark colored flower fabrics I had on hand at that moment.

She sent me a few convos as she went through her decision process. She ended up asking if I would do three separate pot holders – 1 each of three colors, and checked on the price for three.

I said that I could do the three, and agreed to the price. I made sure to tell her that we were just about to go on vacation, and gave a target shipping date.

fabric offered for custom order

My buyer was very nice, and agreed to the shipping date. She also specified the three fabrics she wanted to purchase.

After that I created the listing, she bought it, and I went on vacation.

I finished the pot holders a few days before the target shipping date, but too late in the day to ship them off. Then it would be a holiday, and the following day I was completely booked. I sent a convo to my buyer with a photo saying that they were finished, and specifying when I would ship them off.

custom ordered pot holders

She replied that she liked the looks of the pot holders.

The day that I shipped the package I sent my buyer a photo of the package they would be arriving in. They were delivered a few days later.

And that’s the story of my custom order through the Etsy website. My store's URL is

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