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Business Owner Interview: Lisa Centoni

Today we meet Lisa Centoni, from Paper Stems.

What is your background in general?

Lisa: I have always been a DIYer, influenced by my parents at a very young age. We were always making and or fixing something.

When did you start making things, and what type of things? (personal life and business)

Lisa: I did a timeline to track and remember all of items I've made or crafts I've tried to learn. Through the processes, I discovered, it turned out to be quite a list! I think there are very few things I haven't attempted. As a young girl, my grandmother taught me crochet and embroidery, my Mom sewing and my Dad, anything cut and made from wood.

Do you still make the same types of things?

Lisa: I still pick up a crochet hook from time to time, but I have really discovered my love of paper.

What made you start a craft business?

Lisa: It was my friends. I made paper flowers for several weddings and wedding showers. It was during those parties my friends asked, when are you going to take paper flower making seriously. I listened.

What are some of your challenges in business?

Lisa: Trying to do everything, making flowers, product photography, web site maintenance, social media and mostly, trying to find clients. When you’re just starting, you wear all the hats.

How have you solved some of those challenges?

Lisa: Well I am still very much in the learning phase. I can't really say I've solved any of them. However, I now do hire a photographer where I can.

What do you like about your craft business?

Lisa: Meeting such wonderful people and the process of creating allows me to relax, and get mind away from the day to day.

How does your background affect your style?

Lisa: I have always loved modern, big bold color and all things contemporary. I try to incorporate those elements in my work.

What is your definition of success for your business?

Lisa: Happy clients and consistent engagements.

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