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Inkle loom carrier

"Say hello to my little friend". Oops, that movie reference is a bit obscure, and doesn't work here. So, say hello to my little inkle loom. You see it here on a short table my husband made for me. (I like to sit on the floor while I use it.)

inkle loom on short table

I bought the loom a few months ago, when we visited a weaving store that was going out of business. Since then I have woven a few inkles. Most of the inkles were experimental.

Recently I was going to have to do some waiting and wanted to take a project with me. I thought about taking my inkle loom with me, but realized I didn't have a way of transporting it easily. I took a different project that day.

I decided that I needed to make a carry bag for the inkle loom. I wanted to use some of the fabrics that I had woven.

I got out my samples and leftovers - both woven and from other projects. I knew if I were to use any of them that I would need to piece fabrics together. I experimented putting different pieces together. I couldn't get enough of the handwoven fabrics to make a bag for the loom.

It was time to change gears. When I had visited my friend a while ago, I had experimented with Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. We then went on to experiment with her liquid alcohol dyes. I brought home my samples from that trip.

I had enough of the Sharpie dyed samples to make the bag. However, I needed to find enough of something to make the bottom of the bag. I realized that the Kraft-tex I had on hand would be just right. I didn't think about washing it first, but decided later that it didn't matter. We will see if I continue to think the same way after I wash it the first time.

I found enough "secondhand" fabric in my stash to make the interior sides. I stabilized those sides with fusible fleece. While cutting the zipper closure I neglected to measure twice, and found that I needed to add some fabric. I got that done without too much trouble.

After I finished assembling the bag I found that the loom did fit in the bag. Putting the loom, when fully extended, into the bag is a little tight, but taking it out is much easier. Not too bad for not having taken precise measurements All in all, I'm pleased with my project.

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