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7 of the Latest Health Stories

I’m going to put my crafting tools aside for the moment and put on my nurse’s cap. Yes, I really do have one; I graduated from nursing school, passed the test, got licensed, and have kept my license active.

I have been Pinning health related articles for the past while, and thought I’d do a review of recent ones that seem important to me.

After drawing blood for some laboratory tests, certain samples are spun in a centrifuge to separate the cells from the serum. Then a variety of tests can be performed on the serum. In the United States that isn’t usually a problem. In “third world” countries the electricity to run the centrifuge can be a big problem. It might not be available all the time, or even available at all. That means health care providers (getting enough of those is another story) are limited in tests they can run to diagnose a patient. THIS story tells about some people who developed a way to centrifuge blood without electricity. (No blood visible.)

THIS story can help you find foods that are healthy for you and available in the winter.

Do you exercise, and are you paying attention to your health? THIS article will give you information on how to coordinate exercise and getting blood drawn to check cholesterol.

Are you dieting and want a healthy snack? THIS article will give you the skinny on popcorn. (Pun intended.)

Recovery after strokes can be hard. Sometimes it’s the chicken-and-the-egg problem. THIS inventor saw the difficulty his uncle had recovering hand motion and strength. He decided to do something about it, and is having some success.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to let others help you. This holds true for someone with a physical illness or a mental illness. THIS article was written with depression in mind, but most, if not all, principles will hold true for other illnesses.

Being hospitalized that wreak havoc on patients who are no longer young (dare we say elderly, or advanced in years). THIS hospital is having success improving the stays of the older patients. This helps them both short- and long-term.


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