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Lucet Braiding Tutorials

Although you wouldn't know it by looking at our store, we at Thread and Wood have been working very hard. Thread has been developing a stitch notation system for the lucet. That's like creating a new language - a visual one.

Some of the challenges for creating a notation system include: no standard terminology for braiding with a lucet, no previous symbols for the braids, and I have no idea who developed the symbols for crochet and knitting, so I can't collaborate with them! Nevertheless, I have been perservering.

Some stitches are now "set in stone". Not surprisingly, those are the simple stitches, ones that people learn first. Some stitches have gone through three or four different iterations. Even how I display the symbols has gone through changes.

Today I have a present for you! I have created step by step tutorials of beginning, braiding plain stitch, then ending the braid. Not only is the tutorial good for right handed people, lefties are not forgotten!

To avoid a handedness bias in the instructions, I chose to use the terms "dominant" and "non-dominant". Not surprisingly, "dominant" means the hand you feel comfortable using the most - the right hand for righties, left for lefties, and whichever for ambidextrous.

The new tutorials can now be found in a section of this website.

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