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23 Lucet links

Today I am giving you a link pack of lucet resources on the web that I have used. Each has something to recommend it. All of these are active links as far as I know. I'm working on a set of symbols to communicate braids, something like what crochet and knitting has. I'll be posting that as I can.


Halldor the Viking, a reenactor

Books about the lucet:

Lucet Braiding

The Lucette Book

Instructions on how to do various stitches:

Plain stitch done by turning the lucet

Plain stitch done without turning the lucet

Plain stitch with one gimp

Plain stitch with two gimps

Plain stitch without turning and adding beads (The tips at the bottom are great.)

Another perspective on basic or plain stitch:

Learning the lucet

Advanced ideas or instructions:

Ziggy Rytka

Using a double lucet


various projects from RadMegan

First bracelet from Stitch Diva

Second bracelet from Stitch Diva

Soap sachet

Making a button from lucet cord

Lucet patterns for DIY:

Scroll Saw Workshop (Wood used this pattern to make mine out of thicker stock.)

Handle and handle-less lucets

Lucet – where to buy:

The Lucet Co.

Golding Fiber Tools


Wool Tree Mill

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