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2015 Statistics

I meant to give you a tutorial today, but it is taking longer than I thought it would. So today I have a wrap up of last year’s statistics.

First of all, I just started my business last year in April. I see that I had a slow start as I was getting started. I suspect that people being on vacation also played a part during the summer.

Next, I have a graph showing how people found my store last year. Mostly it was through the Etsy website or their mobile app. However, there were a few other sources as well.

When people entered via the Etsy website, they mostly found me through various searches, but there were other ways they found me.

The words people keyed into the Etsy website to find my products were a two-part story. Mostly they were looking for some sort of tote, bag, or purse. Of those who did, most were looking for some type of Jehovah’s Witness organizer. Unfortunately I didn't sell any. Pendleton was another popular topic, and I really must get some more items made from Pendleton fabric, as the ones I had did sell.

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