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Small square looms, Part 1

My exposure to small square looms started rather early. There was a very nice afghan in our family that was constructed from small squares of yarn. When I first saw it I had no idea how it was made. I was familiar with crochet, but that wasn’t how it.

I now know that the individual squares of the family afghan were woven on a small square loom, sometimes called a peg loom. These looms, as far as I know, were offered as the “Weave It” brand in the 1930’s, which is when this blanket was probably made. (For more information go to eLoomination) One can still find them on eBay in the vintage “section”.

Years passed. I ran across a brand called “Weavette” in the 1990’s, buying several sizes. I didn’t buy one of the sizes available then, but I did manage the spiral bound after-market instruction book with additional patterns. (See - they carry one 4 inch model, or - they carry a variety of sizes.)

In about 2003, or so, I had a variety of small balls of yarn. I decided they needed to be made into something. I got out my 4 inch square Weavette and made up an afghan for one of my nephews.

Since then I also did a baby blanket with multiple strands of cotton yarn. I crocheted the squares together, then once around the whole blanket.

More time passed. In the last five years I bought two of the Martha Stewart Knit Looms (I’ll call them an “MS loom”). I don’t remember why I thought I needed two of them, but I remember I had a reason. (They are still available, see Lion Brand.) I know one benefit is that they are modular, and can make various sizes of squares and rectangles.

A little more time passed. (I hope you aren’t dizzy from all this time travel.) About two years ago I was playing with some yarn that I had bought at a big box store. I couldn’t use it in the way I had hoped, so I got out my MS loom and made some giant squares. The yarn was a very soft chenille, so I crocheted the squares into a baby blanket. I ended up giving this blanket away too.

A tiny more time passed. In December last year I got a call from the mother I had made the baby blanket for. Apparently her son liked the blankie so well that she wanted her next child to have one too.

Next week I'll show you how I used the MS loom to create these squares.

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