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Sharpie review - 5 projects

Wow, getting into the New Year was rough. We were sick in December. Then the holidays made our life/schedule kind of crazy with time off and a short trip to “town”.

Here’s a wrap up of some of my favorite projects using Sharpie markers so far. The whole series started because of my good friend and I getting into “trouble” with alcohol based inks, and rubbing alcohol.

I liked the bag out of crocheted white cotton. I crocheted over clothesline, then dyed all of it with various colors of Sharpie markers.

Another fun project was making some ribbon flowers. I used satin ribbon that I dyed with the Sharpies.

I finished my Sharpie projects last year with two different aprons. Both were from an old men’s white shirt. For one I used the front and collar. I stenciled cranes all over the apron. (Available at my Etsy store.)

For the second one I used the back of the shirt. This was a more intensive process as I first marked the fabric, bathed it in alcohol, then finally stenciled sea life using Shiva Paintstiks. (Also available at my Etsy store.)

Not yet featured on this blog is another pair of sewing projects. These two shopping bags were made from decorator fabric – the cotton, sturdy kind. I cut the fabric out to make the basic shopping bag, but had left over fabric from between the handles. That turned into a pocket on the front of the bags.

One shopping bag featured an abstract design (courtesy of a stencil from a big box store). The other one featured coneflowers – the stencil purchased at the same time as the crane one.

For these two bags, instead of spraying alcohol on the design and letting the color go where it wanted, I painted the alcohol onto the design. This meant there was less spread of the color. The second time I went over the design I used a different color marker to deepen or change the color. These two shopping bags are also available at my Etsy store.

Unfortunately for Sharpie, they just don't have a wide enough range of colors to suit my whims. Santa was nice enough to bring some additional alcohol based markers, of the Copic brand.


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