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Contest Update

As I mentioned before, I entered some items in a purse / bag contest associated with a quilt show. It is time to update you about the whole process. Let’s start with the costs.

May 2015 2 yards inspiration fabric $36.48

June 2015 5 yards coordinating fabric (approx) $50.00

July 2015 Embroidery floss (approx) $15.00

July 2015 Yarn and webbing (approx) $20.00

September 2015 Entry fees $50.00

September 2015 USB drive $10.00

September 2015 Shipping paperwork 2 entries $ 9.33

November 2015 Shipping box, plastic protection $ 5.50

November 2015 Shipping 2 entries $14.56

November 2015 Return shipping 2 entries $34.00

Total $244.87

Explanation of costs:

This contest required use of some inspiration fabric. The rules specified that other fabrics could be used. Any style or size bag could be entered. I planned to start with a full length garment bag, so I ordered 2 yards of a heavier weight fabric. I figured I’d continue making until I ran out of inspiration fabric. I did need some coordinating fabric, so a bit came from my stash, but more came from the store.

On one of the entries I used cotton yarn to create handles / shoulder straps using a lucet tool. Two others had polypropelene webbing. Embroidery floss was for decoration.

Each entry had a $10 fee. Three of the entries could be submitted online. Although there was not a limit to the number of entries per person, unfortunately, the website wasn’t able to accept more than three entries, so I had to ship the paperwork and electronic photos for those two items.

I was notified the other day that two of my entries were accepted. That meant I had to get heavy plastic bags to protect my items, and a shipping box. I also needed to pay for shipping to and from the show (fortunately not far away).

What would I get if I win? Best of show receives $400, 1st runner up $300, 2nd runner up $200, and 3rd runner up $100. Odds of winning? Unknown. However, I’d have to get at least 1st runner up to break even. Hmmm. Maybe it’s a good thing I was looking more for the bragging rights than making money. I don’t even know if they will display both entries during the show. “...the winners, along with a few additional selected entries, will be displayed...”

Here are the two items that made the cut, the garment bag, and a tote bag inspired by crazy quilts.

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