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Update - November 2015

Life has a way of catching up to one from time to time. It caught up to me last week, so I only have a short blog entry for today.

The last time I visited my friend in Wisconsin we attended the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. The Expo has a very large exhibitor area, jam packed with stuff to see.

We stopped at a booth selling stencils (TSC Designs). They were demonstrating stuff that one could do with the stencils. While I didn’t purchase their inks and such, I did buy some stencils.

I have been working with one stencil in particular this week, a stylized crane. The crane is a traditional Japanese motif, and is the symbol of longevity and good luck. Be that as it may, I liked the image. I have completed one of two projects scheduled with this stencil. I hope to put up information about the projects in the coming weeks.

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