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Additional embroidery changes

As I wrote on July 8th, I'm planning on entering a contest for purses/bags made from fabric available from the company running the contest. While I haven't quite finished the first item, I've started on a second item, a purse.

As I embroidered the first item I would show it to Wood every once in a while. He would ask to see the back of the fabric first so that he would know where to look for the changes. I got to looking at the back, and liked how the colors were softer, and there was an outline.

For this second piece I decided to mimic the fabric back of the first piece. I cut out the image I wanted to use. I sewed additional fabric around the image to give me a rectangle of fabric. I fused quilting interfacing to the back of the rectangle. I added sport fabric (nylon) to the top, and zigzagged around the edges.

With the preparation done, I started to embroider around the edges of the image. Here's what I ended up with.

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