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Now what am I going to do?

Because I am just starting out in the business world, I haven’t developed a clientele. I started a store on Etsy, and have sold a couple of items. It didn’t help that the store started shortly before the summer season, when sales tend to be down for many people on the site. Then I got distracted by a purse/bag contest.

I need to increase both my products and my sales. What to do?

First: I am using the entry for the contest as a prototype. I’ve already figured out some things to do differently.

Second: The other day I let my fingers do the walking through the internet to find locally owned shops and events where I could potentially sell something. I identified some Bridal / Quinceañera shops. I identified some clothing / accessory boutiques; gift shops; and art shops (long shot there). I also identified local events to scope out with running a booth in mind.

The first prototype is almost ready for the sewing machine (much handwork involved for the contest). While one other prototype is expected to follow, but it will have much less handwork.

Now when to start browsing the shops around town? School starts in early August around here. The “Winter Visitors” start arriving in late September. So I figure I will start browsing shops in mid-August. After that I will put together a package of samples and photos to take around to different places.

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