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Meanderings about quilts

I wrote previously that a friend and I were planning on going to a quilt show in Southern California during this coming January. It appears that will not come to pass. She was laid off from her job without a severance package recently. They have enough to get by on for a time while she looks for work.

Morals of the story: Have a backup plan. Have a profession/skills that are in demand. If you don't have skills that are in demand, have a larger monetary reserve. Keep your skills up to date.

I have been looking at how various quilt contests set up their online entry forms. It appears that some sites/companies are more tech savvy than others. Either that, or they have approached it from a user's point of view.

Nancy's Notions, along with the local PBS station, runs the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. They have several quilt contests as part of the Expo. Looking at the Expo's website, it takes two clicks to start filling out an entry form for the contests.

Another company, who shall remain nameless, has a much more involved process. It requires 3 clicks, copy/pasting a link into the browser from a PDF (some computers won’t open the link by just clicking), another click, create an account/sign in, and finally, two more clicks!!!!! All of that to enter something into their contest.

Moral of the story: When creating an online entry form for a contest, think of the user, making it easy for them.

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