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Last week I received an email from one of the founders of Jackalope Arts , a craft fair that is appearing in Phoenix for the first time this winter. It is a juried craft fair, and they were inviting us to apply.

That brought up all sorts of thoughts. First, I was flattered that someone found our store on Etsy, and liked the products we offer there. Then we got to evaluating the specifics of actually vending at a fair in Phoenix.

Our first obstacle, from a “mere” business standpoint, is our lack of product depth. We are still designing products, and hope to have a larger variety soon. That kind of leaves out this winter. I just don’t see being able to develop all sorts of patterns and whip them up quickly. (Maybe I could, but I detest putting myself into positions where I am rushed. I feel quality can suffer when I am rushed.)

It is a two-day show, on a Saturday and Sunday. I understand that many people cannot get away on weekdays, so many shows in the Southwest are geared for both days of the weekend. The challenge here is that we do not do business on Sundays. That would change the show into a one-day thing for us, raising the per-day costs.

Next obstacle, is the distance. Phoenix is three hours away from Yuma. That means a hotel room and meals out the night before. That, too, raises the per-day cost.

Wood is concerned that the fair comes “late” in the sale season for Christmas, on December 12th and 13th.

On the other hand, the exposure would be great! That means I am keeping this in the back of my head until the final application date arrives.

In the meantime, I will look at other opportunities closer to home, maybe some local Yuma craft fairs, maybe some boutiques in town. It looks like the sales staff (i.e. Thread) has some work to do.

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