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Crocheted and dyed bag (prototype)

Recently I de​cided to try something new. No, trying something new was not the news flash. The process was the new thing. What I tried was taking cotton crochet yarn and crocheting over it to form a bag/purse.

I started with white yarn. After a foundation chain, I started forming the base in an oval shape. The transition from bottom to sides was a bit more complicated. Teaching myself, I came up with a way to make the transition crisply.

I discovered that the first row needed a tiny bit of tension on the clothesline to make the turn. After that, I found that I shouldn't put any tension on the clothesline at all, or the sides would draw in. I stopped when I ran out of clothesline.

The handles started their life as white cotton webbing.

Before attaching the handles to the bag I decided I wanted to try something else new - white is quite boring at times. I got out my Sharpie brand permanent markers (alcohol based), in 5 different colors.

First - nope, the first thing I did was to put down a plastic tablecloth to protect my house, THEN I marked the color on the crocheted yarn as it went around the bag. I also marked the handles. I got out my rubbing alcohol (don't forget the gloves). Dripping the alcohol onto the bag, allowed the dye to spread over the white yarn I hadn't dyed, as well as the clothesline. While I was at it I added the alcohol to the handles.

I have since made a more pleasing size of bag. Anyone interested in the instructions?

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