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The games people play

I have had an Etsy store since the middle of April. In that time I have worked on stocking the store and creating new products.

One of the things that is suggested by Etsy to run a store, is to belong to teams. They tout that one can obtain advice, maybe meet up with other shop owners, or share a Facebook page.

When I have checked out some of the teams I found a few that do give advice, none of them promoted meeting others. The vast majority of teams that I did check out have discussions that want a team member to "favorite" the listings of other sellers.

That does put other sellers' items on one's feed, and hopefully receive the benefit of a reciprocal "favorite". However, it seems disingenuous (had to use a fancy word). I'm sure that people who shop Etsy are aware of the games that the sellers are playing.

I vow that whenever I "favorite" an item in my Etsy shop it will be because I actually like it, and for no other reason.

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