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LA Fashion District

Last week I went to Southern California for one of my "regular" jobs. After work finished on Tuesday in Glendale I was scheduled to travel to Inglewood for the night. I saw an opportunity to go to the LA Fashion District, somewhere I had never been before.

Inquiring with one of my coworkers, I discovered that parking includes streetside as well as in structures. I also found out that there is a lot of security or police around the area (I was concerned for my belongings that would be visible in the cabin of my car.

When arrived at the Fashion District I started looking for parking at Maple and 9th Street. When I saw the touts on the street promoting their parking, I decided to take advantage. This photo from Google Maps gives an idea of the street scene, complete with touts. The afternoon I went it was overcast, and there was a bit more traffic, but it gives you the idea. (I parked on the building at the very left of the photo.)

I had previously looked at the Fashion District online, and decided to concentrate on the areas that sell fabrics. Not surprisingly, much of the fabrics available are geared toward fashion, but there are also stores that sell cottons, home decor fabrics, as well as trims. Fortunately I went on a weekday afternoon rather than the weekend, when I hear it is much more crowded.

I found that some stores had fixed prices, but some owners were willing to bargain. I picked up some nice brown vinyl, and some cream colored velcro tape. I was wanting to get both of those for the near future.

I didn't have all day, so after a couple of hours I decided to leave and be on my way. I am definitely interested in coming another day. If it were only a little closer.

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