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How to get that balance

This whole thing of starting a new business has been interesting. I'm still working on getting the balance right. Perhaps that will happen, maybe it won't .

The other day I visited with an accountant, and he made some recommendations on what I should do to cover my ass in case of audit by the IRS (and they don't particularly care for home based businesses - kind of messy from their standpoint I'm sure).

So, right now I'm working on:

● Developing the reports that a business uses (and teaching myself what that is all about).

● Developing my website and blog (and teaching myself the how's and why's)

● Marketing (finding out what platforms and ways might work the best for me)

● Running my Etsy store (and learning how to use the statistics they provide)

● Products (creating products from current patterns, and developing new patterns)

● Being involved at church

● Running our home

● Working at other jobs (hours vary)

● And, oh yes, taking time just for myself (introvert here)

I keep telling myself, get one thing going well, then move on to the next. That doesn't mean I don't spend a few minutes here or there on something, I just need to keep my focus on one thing at a time.

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