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Sold! WooHoo!

A friend of mine knew that I would be opening a business, and asked me to make a field service bag for her. She is a Jehovah's Witness, and wanted some features in the bag that she didn't see in other items for sale.

handcrafted JW service bag

I measured her Bible and notebook, and made a note about the size of the magazines and tracts she carries. So I got to work first by making a mock-up of the Bible and notebook. I tried an idea or two using paper and tape before I came up with a version that was ready to sew.

I had some fabric that hadn't decided to be anything yet, so I picked it to make a "muslin", thinking that my friend might like the pattern, but not the fabric. However, I decided to proceed as if I were actually making a final product, carefully matching the images on the fabric as best as I could.

I got it to the point that the inside and the outside were separate, but ready to be joined. When I took it over to show her she liked the item, fabric and all. She wanted the strap a little shorter, and I thought it needed a magnetic snap to help keep it closed.

After I had made the changes I delivered the final bag to my friend. For accounting purposes I asked, and she agreed to buy it through Etsy, rather than pay me directly. No shipping charges, though! Yesterday I got the notification of the transaction. You can see the bag I made her in the "sold" section of my store. Of course, I had to print out the order page to show Wood.

I decided to list a similar bag, thinking someone might like it.

I also decided to look at my Etsy shop's statistics page today. I even had someone look at my shop from Canada! While I have been looking at my shop from different platforms, I couldn't have manufactured that view. Statistics can be cool - and they are showing people are at least looking at my site. Now to get some more sales....

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