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Flour Sacks

In the "olden days" (1976-1977) I, Thread, spent time in Guatemala for my church. At the time it was popular among my cohort to make clothing out of old flour sacks. Why you ask? Well, the sacks had nice images on them.

I purchased a number of flour sacks at the time, and started a project. I decided that I didn't want a shirt, rather, I wanted a skirt. So I found a pattern for a wrap around skirt. With the help of someone who had a sewing machine, I sewed several sacks together.

I had seen that, over time, the images faded with repeat washings. Since I didn't want that to happen to my clothing, I decided to embroider over top of the image, to make it permanent. The skirt took quite a while to finish. Later on I ended up doing two shirts as well.

I used the flour sacks that I liked the best, or were in the best condition. All these years I have been carting around the left over sacks, through all the various moves we've made. I've decided to sell the remaining sacks in my online store once I open.

flour sack skirt

I know that there are many different kinds of uses for flour sacks with designs like these. I am attaching photos of two of my finished products using flour sacks with the same design as these three. So, here is part of the skirt that I originally made. And here is the front of a shirt I later made.

Stay tuned for the next episode from Thread and Wood.

P.S. I have started listing a few of these in my shop. Click the link above to see what is on offer today.

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