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"Haute" Pads

As soon as Thread and Wood receives a license from the city we will be completely open (more on the legal process later). One type of item we will have in our store is upcycled hot pads. These are a product of my own design, and I want to share the basic sewing process with you.

I first take a bath towel for recycling. After cutting off the hems and such, I either fold it in half, or, if I'm lucky, match it up with another one exactly the same size. I pin both layers together with straight pins. On to the sewing machine, and I quilt the layers together on the diagonal.

pot holder ingredients

After quilting I cut the basic shape for the hot pad out of the quilted towel. I cut matching shapes for the front and back of the hot pad. The pocket front is slightly smaller. I cut two pieces of regular fabric for that, as well as a layer of stabilizer. Finally I cut my own bias tape; it's wider than store bought.

The pocket: I line up the outer and inner layers of the pocket fabric and stabilizer. I sew bias onto one edge of the pocket. This will be the inner side of the pocket.

I fold the bias over to the other side, and stitch it down. This will be the outer side of the pocket.

I layer the back fabric, the towel, the front fabric, and the pocket assembly together. Then I baste the layers together. After basting I trim the corners to a rounded shape.

Starting with the back side of the hot pad, I pin, then sew the bias tape to the hot pad. I prepare the grosgrain ribbon to the correct length.

Finally I turn the bias tape to the front side of the hot pad, and sew it down. At the very end of the last seam I sew down the ribbon. Voilà, one hot pad.

I usually sell the hot pads in pairs. However, because of various factors, sometimes I will have singletons for sale. What colors do you recommend I make these in regularly?

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