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Almost open for business

Hello world! My nom de commerce is Thread. I do have a "real" name, but Thread suits my fancy today.

My husband, Wood, and I have moved around a number of times in our life together (not military, nor government). Other than one exception, each time we moved I found work that I needed, or was interested in doing, or both. This time in the Desert Southwest we are in a smaller city, and opportunities to be paid for what I'm trained and/or interested in are much fewer.

When we moved here Wood signed up for a project that had a 2-year lead in. At the two year point there would be months of long hours. While the hours would, and did, decrease after that, we decided that one of us needed to be the family's support staff, and I was elected.

I looked for an employer that would pay me to work part-time in my areas of interest. I found some contract jobs. One was my most recent employer in Oregon, and others were applicable to part of my background. Contract work is never regular, and over the years my hours have decreased.

So here I am! If no one else will pay me to do what I want to do, I'll take myself "public", and start a business. That is something I never thought to do, but seems so right at this time.

I have gotten through most of the legal paperwork and fees, and filed for a business license today! In celebration I am starting this blog about my journey in the business world. I'm not sure where it will all end up, but I'm determined to enjoy the ride.

new logo

The image attached to this post is what I plan on using as a logo, at least for now. The standard clipart of a spool of thread just wasn't what I wanted, so my photo editing software and I created the spool. The other object is from a bandsaw box that Wood made. Again, I used the photo editing software, and made it into clip art.

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