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Sharpie Marker Dyeing, Part 4

I am done referring to myself as the heroine of some TV show. On to more dyeing with Sharpie markers.

In Alcohol / Sharpie Marker Dyeing Part 2, I illustrated how I dyed some stamens for ribbon poinsettia flowers. I realized today that I never showed you how I made some flowers to dye for (sorry, I can't seem to stop the puns).

This flower was made using a "pink lemonade" colored Sharpie marker and white ribbon. I don't have the step by step instructions for this flower yet. There was a total of two white petals everywhere you see the white ribbon. There were also two different types of petal shapes in the flower.

The next flower has only one basic shape, and I am including a set of wordless instructions on how to make the petals. In the photo of the completed flower, the background, darker petals, were colored with "purple" and "pink" Sharpies. The upper, more visible petals were colored by "lilac" and "pink lemonade". I colored the stamens with "pink lemonade" as well.

While one can purchase pre-colored stamens, I didn't have any on hand. I did have the white ones, as well as my trusty markers.

When I first purchased my markers my local office supply store was offering a set called “80’s Glam". I have seen that Sharpie has a new collection at the stores now, which is called "Electro Pop". Assuming I want to keep playing with alcohol based dyeing, the next time I need to buy markers I will probably invest in a different system than Sharpies, probably Copic or something like that.

The last flower was only partially dyed with the marker. I started with a white 1 1/2 inch ribbon. Laying my ruler off the diagonal by 3/16 inch, I marked the corner with yellow marker. Once dry, I folded the ribbon in half, then in half again. The point where the clip is shown was slightly melted by flame, which made it adhere to itself. I trimmed off the outside corners and melted the edges. This allowed the petal to lie flat on a surface. Finally I melted the very tip so that it would stay in a point.

The stamens received a dye job, courtesy of an orange-ish colored Sharpie.

I used low temp hot glue to adhere the petals together. I also used hot glue to attach the three flowers and the six leaves.

One thing I noticed in this process is that dyeing the ribbon made it much stiffer. That could be a good thing, since it was easier to make a crease.

Next time I plan on showing you my latest dye jobs using stencils on fabric.


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