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Spool of Thread

About Thread

I remember my mother making two outfits of matching clothing for her large family which would be used on a vacation. When I went on a mission for my church I made all of my clothing before I left for 1 1/2 years. Since then I have made most of my dresses and blouses.


A long time ago I found a purse that I liked. When it wore out I decided to create something similar. Since then I have made most of my purses.


Home goods are another source of inspiration for me. Using my sewing machine, I also creates hot pads/potholders out of recycled bath towels.


I always have high standards, and that applies to making things. It seems like I am unable to make cheap or inexpensive things.


Look for items from my play room / craft room in our store, or visit our page with previous projects.

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